Social Facilitation, Training, Enterprise Development & (Community-First) Infrastructure Programme Management

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Established in 2003, Inkanyiso Consulting:

  • Is a Project Management, Local Economic as well as Skills and Enterprise Development Consultancy based in Durban KZN (with branch offices in other Provinces, notably the Eastern Cape),
  • Operates primarily in the Construction / Built Environment and Infrastructure Sectors,
  • Is equipped with a unique suite of Social Facilitation, Construction Project and Programme Management Systems for both SMMEs and their Private Sector or Government Clients undertaking infrastructure programmes with social objectives,
  • Has a specialised focus on Community-Facing Local Economic Development (LED) delivered by means of innovative Employment Creation,  Skills (SD) and Supplier/ Enterprise (ED) Development solutions.

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Run Your Project Like a Pro(fessional)

Making SMMEs look like multi-million Rand companies, Inkanyiso Call Centre Operators utilise a suite of manual and online Construction Management Systems to enable subscribers to view their project data online, in real time from home or office.

This service is aimed at CIDB Grade 2 to 7 Construction or Civil Engineering Contractors as well as Manufacturers undertaking batch orders as discrete projects,

Inkanyiso’s IMS Operators do the project loading, resourcing, planning and data capturing as well as provide the SMME subscriber with a range of reports required by Client. This service includes a step by step project life-cycle guideline for emerging businesses, project pricing (or budgeting if already priced), resource planning and programming from first principle, Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) resources. Live management information including SHEQ issue-tracking, work done, deliveries, employee payroll, cost reporting against budget, claims/ invoicing, supplier histories and much more…

Community-First Infrastructure Programme Management

A comprehensive SED (Socio-Economic Development) Infrastructure Programme Management service enabling maximum meaningful community participation in the supply chain with a targeted focus on Employment Creation, Skills and Enterprise Development, the latter through Project Support and Construction Mentorship.

This service requires a funded project pipeline (or single large project un-bundled) and  a minimum of 12 targeted SMMEs (usually CIDB Grade 1 -5 contractors) as ED beneficiaries, and is provided to Government Departments, Municipalities as well as Private Developers and CIDB Grade 8 and 9 Contractors undertaking infrastructure development in which various Empowerment, Training, Local Economic and Supplier Development objectives are embedded.

Employment Creation, Skills and Enterprise (Supplier) Development initiatives associated with infrastructure projects can be shown to impact Local Economic Development when communities are engaged as Clients of the project and Suppliers in the project supply chain, whether as Contractors, or as suppliers of plant, materials or other services rather than as passive beneficiaries. Inkanyiso enables the meaningful engagement of communities through the provision of support and development interventions including the deployment of qualified and highly experienced construction and project management personnel to site(s) as SMME Mentors and Project Managers, as well as through the provision of specialised Management Information Systems; both to these targeted suppliers in the supply chain, and to Client bodies for whom socio-economic, community development imperatives are as critical as the physical infrastructure being built.


ProjectPLAN(for Contractors)

Key features include:

  • projectIMS PLAN licence
  • IMS P4 Management Guide includes templates, checklists, SHEQ materials and more
  • Project Programme (Gantt)
  • Activity Resourcing (Materials, Labour, Plant, Overheads)
  • Complete Project Resource Schedule (Bulk Order) incl Resource Histograms
  • Cash-flow Forecasting
  • Bills of Quantity Pricing
from R4500once off

ProjectLIVE(for Contractors)

Key features include:

  • projectIMS LIVE Licence (incl projectPLAN)
  • Daily Production Targeting and Resource requirements
  • SHEQ Alerts and Issue-Management
  • Daily Diary including Work Done, Production Resources on Site / Materials issued / Communication/ Event Reporting
  • Real-time Cost Reporting (per Activity/ per Cost Centre / per Project)
  • Claim Certificates / Invoicing
  • Payroll and Supplier Histories
  • and more …
from R3500/SMME/month

Programme Management*(for Client Bodies)

Key features include:

  • Full access to ProjectPLAN and ProjectLIVE Packages
  • Social Facilitation / Community Liaison Management
  • programIMS Contractor Assessment: baseline score and follow-up
  • Customised Development (Training and Mentorship) Plans including Mentor Guidance
  • Project Monitoring and Verification
  • Time, Travel and other Claim Management
  • Technical and Budgetary Support and Advice
  • Detailed (Socio-Economic) Benefit : Cost Analysis
  • SMME Histories and Progress Reports
from R10000/SMME/month (*Price per SMME, Minimum 12 SMMEs)

Looking for Construction Management Software?

We offer standalone software solutions as well as turnkey services to help manage your projects.

Key features include:

  • Turnover and Cash-flow Forecasts
  • Activity Planned Expenditure Budgets
  • Resource Schedule
  • Order Management System
  • Resource & Production Plan

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