This package includes:


  • A projectIMS PLAN licence
  • The IMS P4 Management Guideline©, a hard copy construction manual for contractors which includes the following templates, checklists and guidelines:
    • Tendering Information and Advice
    • Manual Pricing and Programming Worksheets
    • Business and Tax Registration and other Statutory Compliance requirements Checklist
    • Health and Safety Documentation (Checklists/Notices/Appointment Forms)
    • Environmental Awareness and Compliance
    • Quality Assurance Tools (Checklists and Protocol)
    • Standard Employment Contracts
    • Production Team Sizes & Outputs for typical activities
    • Typical Material Spread Rates
  • Priced Bills of Quantity – all contractual parameters (only once Resources are priced at the project location by the Contractor/Client*)
  • Priced Site Bill  – allowable expenditure ie no Mark-Up) per unit per cost centre
  • Activity Resourcing – Material Spread Rates, Production Targets and Overheads in Supply Units
  • Resource Scheduling / Bulk Order List for all Materials, Production & Overhead Resources
    (aggregated in Supply Units across all Activities, with planned allocation per Activity)
  • Activity Timing – Planned Start Dates, Dependencies & Lag, Duration & End Dates
  • Project Programme / Activity Plan – Gantt Chart with Critical Path indication
  • Project Turnover and Cash-flow Projections – Californian / pre-Programme & Programmed
  • Project Resource Histograms – planned utilisation/consumption for 5 Major Resources
  • Daily Production Targets – for all Activities, expressed in Selling [BoQ] Units)


(eg CIDB)
Project Value Project PLAN Cost
(One Off Per Project)
1-3 < 3 million 4 500 (ex vat) Enquire Now
4-5 3 million – 10 million 9 500 (ex vat)
6-7 10 million – 60 million 16 500 (ex vat)
8-9 >60 million 22 500 (ex vat)


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