This Package includes:


  • projectIMS LIVE and PLAN licences
  • An electronic and off-site-saved Daily Diary and Site Communication Record – including SHEQ Alerts, Memos, Instructions, Weather Records & File/Picture uploads
  • Employee, Sub-Contractor and Site Management Attendance – Costed per BoQ Activity
  • Daily Plant on Site – Presence, Utilisation and Costing per Activity
  • Daily Production Records saved to (pre-Invoice) Income for Site Costing purposes. Quantity and Value per Activity, accumulated in Real Time to Total Value of Work Done
  • Monthly Resource Scheduling for Purchase Order placement / HR Engagement Planned quantities per month for all [Materials, Labour, Plant and Site Overhead] resources.
  • Project Programme – Gantt Chart with Progress indication as % Complete per Activity against Plan
  • Project Cost Reporting – per Cost Centre, per Activity & for Project Overall, against project PLAN
  • Actual Project Turnover and Cash-flow Projections – against project PLAN
  • Claim Certificate / Invoice Generation – Company Logo, Tax details, Retention, MOS calculations & previously paid deduction.
  • MOS and Work Done detailed Statement – expressed per Activity and Cumulatively as a value.
  • Wage and Salary Payroll with UIF/ COIDA / PAYE/ Bonus if applicable & Leave calculations – indicating Hours/Days worked, Employment History, ID Numbers and Contact Details.
  • Supplier Histories – indicating value supplied, Registration, VAT numbers and contact details.


(eg CIDB)
Project Value Project LIVE Cost
(Per Month)
1-3 < 3 million 3 500 (ex vat) Enquire Now
4-5 3 million – 10 million 6 500 (ex vat)
6-7 10 million – 60 million 12 500 (ex vat)
8-9 >60 million 17 500 (ex vat)

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