Construction Support to SMME Clients

Inkanyiso provides Project-based technical and administrative support to small businesses using an online Construction Management System. In doing so it also provides access to the IMS suite of Enterprise Resourcing and Construction Management solutions.  With the company’s IMS Operators capturing data, uploading and resourcing Bills of Quantities, generating and emailing (or printing in hard copy) forecasts, budgets, procurement schedules, work progress and cost reports as well as invoicing and claim certificates, this is all achieved without the deadly learning curve normally associated with the adoption of a new IT-based management system. This Third Party service allows the subscriber to log into their IMS account online, observe and follow experienced operators from their home or office and in their own time once sufficiently comfortable, elect to continue to use projectIMS on their own without Inkanyiso support, thereby reducing the cost of using the system.

Socio-Economic Programmes for Infrastructure Delivery

We offer a full, Community-Facing Programme Management consulting service with Professional Indemnity (PI) cover ranging from project concept and technical design through to supervision and holistic implementation. We provide several unique development permutations designed to stimulate Local Economic Development in the Communities in which the Programme/ Projects are located. Through the promotion of the concept of “Community as Client” and the utilisation of a cutting edge, on-line Programme Management system also developed by IMS (programIMS), Inkanyiso facilitates the engagement and /or establishment of credible locally representative representatives and enterprises, and advances their capacitation for meaningful participation in project decision-making and supply chain processes. This mostly takes the form of Skills Training facilitation and Enterprise Development through Mentorship and Project Support to local businesses.

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