Programme Management*

Often articulated as a (local) Contractor Development Programme in which a Client Body engages a number of SMMEs to undertake infrastructure or construction works, Inkanyiso seeks to expand community participation at both the Programme Management and Supply Chain levels beyond mere Enterprise Development. Clients are usually municipalities, State-Owned Entities, provincial or national government departments or more recently, large-scale private contractors undertaking large infrastructure works on behalf of government, and in terms of which, certain “Contract Participation Goals” (CPGs) are included in the Scope of Works. Inkanyiso not only has the appropriate tools, systems and expertise to ensure the achievement of such CPGs, it will also ensure that private / commercial clients achieve BBBEE recognition for these efforts. This offering requires a minimum of 12 SMMEs as beneficiaries and who are typically registered between Grades 1 – 5 on the CIDB Register of Contractors.

This Package includes:


  • Best Practice Community Participation and Local Economic Development Models – including Public Liaison and Labour Desk protocol for local employment / procurement.
  • Full Access to the projectPLAN and projectLIVE packages for each participating SMME, utilising the projectIMS software solution and the IMS P4 Management Guidelines
  • A Database of local Service Providers – the programIMS Enteprise Database has over 1,000 SMMEs previously supported by Inkanyiso Consulting.
  • An Enterprise Assessment Tool to adjudicate applications, establish baseline performance and later track SMME knowledge and capacity development as a measurement of impact.
  • A Structured Development Plan which provides guidance for Skills Development and Mentorship. Prioritises areas of weakness and quantifies training and mentorship needs in hours.
  • Learning Material covering the entire Project lifecycle in the form of a Guideline – the IMS P4 Management Guideline for CIDB Grade ~2 – 5 Contractors.
  • Tailored Skills Programmes where formal training is indicated and funding available – for both principals of the selected SMMEs as well as their employees.
  • The deployment to sites of Project Mentors with a minimum of 5 years’ experience, providing 16 to 20 hours/month of 1:1 engagement; measured against the baseline performance assessment.
  • Additional, higher level contract-legal support on claims and distressed projects; 5 to 10 hours/month of 1:1 engagement by a qualified engineer with >10 years’ experience.
  • Follow-Up Assessments to measure improvement and generate revisions to the Development Plan – to measure the impact of mentorship and keep the Development Plan current.
  • Auto-generated Timesheets of personnel from recorded interventions – indicating type of Intervention / Learning Area and Hours as well as evidence of intervention.
  • For each SMME – Monthly Contract Summary and Contract Detail Reports. These indicate progress [Value% : Time%], Value [R] & Profitability per Project and Programme.
  • SMME Enterprise History Reports; from inception to current showing; Opening and Closing Assessment Scores, CIDB Statuses and total Contract Value against Number of Hours Mentorship.


(eg CIDB)
Project Value per SMME
(Min 12 SMMEs)
Programme Cost
Per SMME/ Month x 12 SMMEs min.
1-3 < 3 million 10 000 (ex vat) Enquire Now
4-5 3 million – 10 million 12 000 (ex vat)
6-7 10 million – 60 million 18 000 (ex vat)

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