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For public or private sector clients undertaking Infrastructure Delivery with (Socio-Economic) Empowerment imperatives, Inkanyiso Consulting is widely regarded as an industry leader;

  • The company has an in-depth, practical understanding of the developmental needs of the Enterprises it supports as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the socio-economic development needs of client bodies engaging them,
  • It has a dedicated staff of Civil Engineers and Technicians, Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers as well as software system operators led by a dynamic management team,
  • It has an 16 year track record of successful programme-level delivery in developmental as well as quality, cost and time imperatives,
  • It provides innovative cost engineering as well as Labour Intensive (job creation) solutions,
  • It develops and facilitates creative financing and credit mechanisms for emerging entrepreneurs,
  • Inkanyiso delivers developmental programme and project management services as well as training, mentorship and technical and administrative support systems which enhance emerging sector and community capacity for meaningful participation in the delivery of built environment infrastructure.

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